The Best Beijing Travel Tips From Our Readers

Headed to Beijing, trade war be damned? Get yourself a VPN so you can access the internet outside the Great Firewall. Hack Your City readers took their second trip to China this week, giving travel hacks for the capital city. They pointed out which famous attractions are overrated, which neighborhoods are up and coming, and…

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15 amazing things you didn’t know about snow

There's a lot to know about snow. One town in New York got so sick of snow they passed legislation to make it illegal.Snowflakes come in at least 35 different shapes depending on different factors like temperature, and the myth that no two snowflakes are alike might be false.Scientific data is so excellent at…

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A local’s guide to Bangkok: 10 top tips

‘David Beckham Temple’ You’d be forgiven for thinking that Bangkok shrines all look alike after you’ve visited your fifth one. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything like Wat Pariwat, a temple complex in the city’s south-eastern corner. At first sight, it may look like your typical run-of-the-mill wat – but look closer and you’ll…

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